Eazy's Place is located on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam about 12 km north of the City Center. Arriving at the international airport, the cheapest way to get to Eazy's Place is by Daladala, the local bus. So the whole journey is not more than 5000 TZS (2.20 USD). You will have to walk out of the airport area to the main road and try to stop a bus going to city centre there. The city centre is to the right when you have the airport at your back. Remember that they drive on the left side of the road in Tanzania, so you will have to cross the road. Look for people waiting for a bus and join them. You might as well try to ask about the buses to town. The Daladalas are often already loaded with people going to town, so you might see some of them passing before you can get on to one. Mind your luggage, it's hard to get it inside somewhere. Make sure you take a bus that goes in the direction of the city centre (Posta)– or if you are lucky and the buses run from the airport area, take a bus straight to Ubungo (main bus station). You could also take one to the Tazara Train Station and change there to Ubungo. From Ubungo you take a Daladala to Tegeta. You'll have to get off at Mbuyuni.

road nearby

If you are not sure where to get off, either ask the conductor, he will tell you - or a few minutes after passing the Karibu Art Gallery on your right (see picture) you will have to get off. Here Eazy will pick you up either by Bajaji or Pikipiki and take you to his place which is about 4 km from Mbuyuni. You can also do the last bit by yourself: Tell the Bajaji or Pikipiki driver you wish to go to Kwa Kipilipili - this is the area around Eazy's Place. Eazy is also known by the locals as Kwa Mzungo

If you come by car you go north via the new Bagamoyo Road, pass Africana until you see the sign Salasala Road, and turn left. Follow Salasala Road until the tarred road ends and then call Eazy who will direct you for the last bit to his place.

Free Airport Transfer - If you have booked more than three nights you will enjoy free airport transfer by Bajaji. Otherwise. Eazy's friend will pick you up there by car. This is about 60,000 TZS. Eazy could also guide you to the hostel by Bajaji or Daladala which is a lot cheaper, just let us know shortly before arrival. However, once at Eazy's Place, you will be awarded for struggling to get there, for this place is like an oasis with its friendly atmosphere. Most guests stay for more than just one night, quite a few enjoyed the place for over a week as you won't find a better or cheaper place around.

Transfer Costs from/to the hostel - All free for long term bookers (more than three nights)!

airport / Tazara train station: car: 60,000 TZS; Bajaji: 30,000TZS; ; Daladala: 7500TZS
Ubungo bus station: car: 30,000TZS; Bajaji: 20,000TZS
ferry port: car: 50,000TZS; Bajaji:not allowed anymore in this area
City Center (Makumbusho):Bajaji: 25,000 TZS
Bahari Beach: Bajaji: 30,000TZS (both ways)

Eazy’s Place is a private initiative of Xenia Marita and Bernd Riebe (Germany) in order to support young people in Tanzania to build their own business and is another approach to help people to help themselves. Eazy, over the years, has become a dear friend to us who has proven many times that he is capable of leading a successful business as well as creating and marketing his beautiful batik art. More information about Eazy's art you will find on his website Unique Batik

NEW! Come and have fun - learn how to drum - drumming workshops at Eazy's Place more information